Virtual Company Indonesia (VCI)

Virtual Company Indonesia (VCI) is a Simulated Business Program designed to give business experiences to the student start from creating ideas, planning and running a company.

The student not only learn the theory, but also practice all business aspects including product development, distribution, marketing & promotion, finance & accounting, and human resources management. The Student will place several positions in the company and do their role and responsibilities as in the real company.

In VCI, student will improve their skill in solving problems, making decision, communicating, collaborating and using technology to gather and analyze information thoroughly.  These are what they need to be a success in their future. 

To run virtual company, students will do transaction virtually with other virtual companies within more than 40 countries around the world which is connected by PEN Worldwide Network, where Virtual Company Indonesia has become the representative in Indonesia.

Virtual Company Indonesia Europen network-connected with Europen-PEN International a non-profit organization based in Germany that serving 7500 virtual companies at schools, universities, enterprises and training centers distributed in more than 40 countries around the world. As a member, VCI is entitled to run program in Indonesia benefiting such Europen–PEN international network to connect with international company networks across the globe. 
This program will continue for 9 months with optimum time of 225 minutes per week integrated with school curriculum. The implementation will vary from one school to another subject to the schedule of the schools concerned.


Curriculum is designed based on the latest business concept and learning approach according to high school level. VCI Curriculum integrate economic, business, marketing, accounting, digital simulation and English.

Annual Competition 

To enhance the capability of students in presenting a business and in promotional practices, we will organize annual competition for the entire virtual companies throughout Indonesia. They will have an opportunity to contend at Business Plan Competition and Trade Fair.


The Advantages of VCI Program:

 For Students

  • Expand the insights and skills of students in business world
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in cultivating business ideas
  • Enhance the ability of student in mutual-cooperation, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Embolden self-confidence and English proficiency when delivering presentation

 For Teachers and Schools

  • The teachers will have broader know-how on active learning programs and techniques. They will receive training for facilitators
  • The schools can integrate this program in their curriculums and put in practice
  • The schools can obtain potential prospects that can be promoted to represent them in other competitions.