We open broad opportunities for Government establishments, Vocational Schools, Universities, Companies as well as Experts and Practitioners to join with us in nurturing entrepreneurship spirits and skills into the young generation of Indonesia.



Great supports of the Government will definitely become valuable assets in developing this program. These supports may be in the nature of program socialization, curriculum development, school financing, etc. 



We widely open for all vocational schools to join in this program, for which further information of stages and requirements can be accessed at Start the Program or directly contact us.



Universities are the primary targets of our program for long-term perspective. At present, we are developing curriculum for university level for application by the students. Any contribution for this curriculum development is anxiously awaited.



We open opportunity for business entities interested in and highly concerned on entrepreneurship development in Indonesia. They can give supports to schools interested in this program consisting of financing aids. For further information, please contact us.


Experts & Practitioners

We expect that experts and practitioners of various industries and institutions join with us as volunteers of guest lecturers to share their proven know-how on business world to the students of this program. Their valuable assistance will undoubtedly broaden the insights and embolden the motivation of students.